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Power and flexibility for your block cave operation

PCBC is used by virtually every mining company involved in block caving who depend on it to improve profits through better mine plans, schedules and production management.

PCBC clients realize substantial increases in deposit value through more accurate resource estimations and reports, while benefiting from better dilution management and geotechnical stability.

PCBC has a proven track record for keeping production schedules current under the dynamically changing conditions at operating mines.

With decisions based on a single source of data housed in a central database, PCBC users spend less time updating mine plans, evaluating scheduling options and running profitability scenarios.


  • Risk reduction for large capital projects by evaluation of multiple scenarios.

  • Better grade modeling and forecasting by using multiple material mixing options.

  • Complete integration from pre-feasibility modeling right through to daily production which is unmatched in the block cave industry.

  • Powerful production scheduling which can rapidly be updated and modified for real production statistics.

  • Provides powerful management reports for effective monitoring of dynamic situations.

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