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FE Based Durability Solution

MSC Fatigue is a FE-based durability and damage tolerance solver, and is the only solution that can deal with the full range of fracture and fatigue life calculations for static and dynamic problems in both the time and frequency domain.
Some estimates put annual costs in the United States due to premature fatigue fractures in structural components at as much as 4% of the gross domestic product. Yet testing against repeated loading cycles, sometimes millions of times over, is often too expensive and time consuming to be practical.

MSC Fatigue: Product


MSC Fatigue is a proven solution for predicting the endurance of your designs and sets itself apart from alternatives by enabling you to:

  • Interactively optimize the fatigue life of your designs.

  • Effectively work with tightly connected fatigue calculations for dynamic systems within CAE environments.

  • Benefit from the numerous features continuously enhanced and introduced in each release of MSC Fatigue.

  • Easily monitor, start, stop, and audit your fatigue life analyses at various stages.

  • Use sophisticated multi input frequency based dynamic tools.

  • Predict the longevity of welds with MSC Fatigue's comprehensive weld technologies.

  • Use all of the latest fatigue capabilities included in each release of MSC Fatigue and nCode's Design Life.

  • Extend the analysis of engine fatigue with a newly implemented "stress gradient" method.

  • Simulate fatigue behavior arising from static, dynamic and thermal events.

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