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CAD-Embedded Multidiscipline Simulation

Many manufacturers want to bring simulation forward in their product development process to have functional performance analysis lead design, rather than simply validate design. This can be challenging if the design and development process relies on isolated design and analyst groups and the designers have to rely on CAE engineers to verify the drawings created by design team using specialized CAE software. With this sequential process, changes made late in the design cycle can increase costs by several orders of magnitude and significantly delay time-to-market.

SimDesigner solves this problem by making available multibody dynamics, structures, thermal and nonlinear FE analysis capabilities from Adams, MSC Nastran, and Marc within the CATIA V5 CAD environment. The benefits of providing easy to use analysis functionality within the familiar CAD environment include elimination of CAD translation & fixing, enabling simulation earlier in the design process, and correcting design flaws before products are ever seen by customers.

Two Editions of SimDesigner are available:

  • SimDesginer Workbench: Based on user requirements, appropriate Workbench can be used to perform multibody dynamic simulations, structural, nonlinear and thermal analyses.

  • SimDesigner Suspension: This unique solutions enables users to take advantage of the solver technology of Adams/Car to model and analyze suspension systems.

Additionally, Enterprise Gateways are available to take advantage of the standalone solver licenses your organization has for enterprise-wide usage. The Gateway provides bidirectional access with server-side simulation tools of MSC Nastran and Marc on high performance hardware.

SimDesigner: Product
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